Tana Weekly 2023-12-09: Tana Updates, Annual Review, AMA, Courses Hub, Taka Keys, One vs Multiple workspaces and much more

The latest Tana news, updates and thoughts during the past week. Tana Weekly 2023-12-09: Tana Updates, Annual Review, AMA, Courses Hub, Taka Keys, One vs Multiple workspaces and much more

Tana Weekly 2023-12-09: Tana Updates, Annual Review, AMA, Courses Hub, Taka Keys, One vs Multiple workspaces and much more

Hi Everyone,

This week, the intro is nice and brief as my better half and I have an event to attend which will likely involve getting sunburnt and standing around.

So, with the vision set aside, let's get right into Tana Weekly as the Devs had an Ask Me Anything (AMA), which included a lot of future plans / aims as well as some retrospect on how 2023 went.


As usual, you can find the latest release notes below or in-app.

2023 / wk47

Tana Weekly

Tana AMA

Some of the Tana team and Ambassadors took part in a livestream to discuss Annual Reviews in Tana.

Firstly we had ambassadors @Andrea (Tana Nodes), @Fis Fraga (Felipe) and @R.J. Nestor where each talked through their annual review ideas and showcased their workflows.

Next up was the main event, an AMA with the Tana team. This session was a catch-up and reflection on 2023 and what is ahead next year.

Definitely worth the watch as lots of great things are coming up (including mobile — being tested, offline mode, and a rework of the backend to vastly improve things and allow for more scalability.

Tana Jam

Next week, there is a very special event - you will have an opportunity to learn how to build/upgrade your own Annual Review setup!

With Tana Ambassadors @Andrea (Tana Nodes), @Fis Fraga (Felipe), @R.J. Nestor and @Andrew Altshuler, they will share the key principles of their Annual Review frameworks & explain how to implement them in Tana. They will also answer all questions you have

Join our Christmas Special JAM! See you next Thursday @17:00 UTC! Please register to get the Zoom link: https://lu.ma/bwwd4wxs

Understanding Note-Taking as a Busy Professional: Shallow vs Deep Thinking

In the latest 'Productivity Like a Pro' episode, Tom and Paco Cantero explored the nuances of digital note-taking for business, discussing shallow vs. deep thinking, personal tool preferences like Tana, Heptabase, ClickUp, and Reader, and the importance of tailoring productivity tools to individual needs.

Another brilliant video well worth watching, and not just for Tana users.

Tana Keys by Renee De Four

Renee introduces Tana Keys - An essential course for Tana beginners. The aim is to help new Tanarians learn the most important parts of the application in the shortest time possible.

There are currently 6 modules, with more to be added in due course, including:

  • Introduction: welcome, application overview, terminology, use cases
  • Interface navigation: sidebar, keyboard shortcuts, menus, settings
  • Core features: supertags, the daily page, fields, views, live search nodes, references, layouts
  • Advanced features: AI for builders, commands, semantic function
  • Best practices: practical tips, time saving workflows, workspace structure
  • Community & resources: a complete list of linked resources

Check out the course here (non-affiliate link)

Tana Keys | Renee De Four | Digital Solutions & Systems
Join the waitlist!

One Workspace vs Multiple

Op asks:

I'm just curious as to how many of you have set yourself up with more than workspace that you use regularly.

I've set up two - one for personal and one for work - but am running into problems with templates on tags that are used in both spaces. The template that I use for #day in my workspace regularly shows up in my workspace, so I'm starting to think I'd be better off just having everything in one workplace.

What are your thoughts? I am all for everything in one workspace to keep things together although if there is something specific and significant, say, like the Bible, I would probably have two workspaces to not overwhelm the main working area.

Moving Supertags to Schema

Ever wanted to know how to move all / part of your supertags to the Schema page Well, Darren has a solution for us:

If you have more than one workspace you'll presumably want to do this one workspace at a time.

First, go to your workspace schema, and on the schema node itself, do cmd-K Set move target.

Then, on your day page, create a search node, in the query builder use the workspace menu at the bottom to select the workspace, and then use the search operator menu to select IS TAG.

Then select all your search results and do cmd-K Move to <workspace> Schema.

I think that should work but I can't test as all my supertags are already in the schema.

Count Child Nodes

Shabegom got a Count Child Nodes command working. So, if you ever need to get the number of children nodes and run out of fingers, then check this out:

Count Child Nodes Tana Helper
Beautiful, simple, fast. Share content with clients, coworkers and friends.

Course Tracker

If you are anything like me (and it seems a good few others) and purchase courses only to forget about them, then @Ev Chapman may have the perfect solution for us:

Google Calendar Integration Coming Soon?


As a reminder and a bit of a PSA - based on what the team mentioned in the latest AMA, they place a lot of weight on https://ideas.tana.inc/ and the top ideas. If there is any feature you like or would like to request, be sure to vote so that it will hopefully become a reality.

To put the above into context, both Readwise Integration and Offline mode was prioritised in the development following users' feedback.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to chatting with you again next week.