Tana Weekly 2023-11-18: Tana Updates, Offline Mode, Tweet Embed and Image Improvements, Queries, Readwise and Tana and much more

The latest Tana news, updates and thoughts during the past week. Tana Weekly 2023-11-18: Tana Updates, Offline Mode, Twee Embed and Image Improvements, Queries, Readwise and Tana and much more

Tana Weekly 2023-11-18: Tana Updates, Offline Mode, Tweet Embed and Image Improvements, Queries, Readwise and Tana and much more

Hi Everyone,

What an eventful few days, we have President Biden openly calling President Xi Jinping a dictator (when I hear the word dictator, I always picture Howard talking about Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory for its true meaning), George Santos spending campaign month on Botox and OnlyFans, David Cameron making a stunning (or not) comeback in UK politics and lastly Snoop Dogg announcing that he is quitting smoking followed by Sam Altman leaving / being ousted at OpenAI...whatever next in this crazy old world.

With that round-up out of the way, why don't we get cracking on what is important:


This week, we had an impromptu release on Tuesday with a new view - Side Menu View. This allows you to see your nodes with different structures like the below:

Image by https://twitter.com/NormanChella

For the full list of recent releases, see below:

2023 / wk45

Tana Weekly

Sneak Peak of New Layout

Brage, or Mr. Redacted as I like to call him (amongst other explicatives that cannot be said out loud - just kidding ;), seems to have gotten lost in his own web of redactedness when he kindly posted an image of an upcoming feature:

This seems to be a new view with a split of tasks and calendar - a perfect fit and cannot wait for this to be released.

Offline Mode Coming???

In my daily wandering of Slack, I came across a very interesting comment from one of the Tana Team Members:

"We are listening, offline will come.  Definitely know it's important- team always making and reassessing prioritisation decisions, and we are just getting started"

I am sure there were other useful comments but I stopped reading after offline will come. I cannot wait for this as would really add to the functionality of Tana and being able to use it when an internet connection is not possible / not available.

Also, cannot wait to see what other things are in store at Tana (ok, I lied, I read the full sentence).

Tana Deconstructed

Dee posted the latest instalment of Query Builder Series (previously known as Live Search Series), where she looks at the use of PLAIN TEXT KEYWORDS PARENT and GRANDPARENT and DESCENDENTS, WITH REFS, and the newly released DOT NOTATIONS — what they are, how to use them - with examples.

Well worth checking out here:

#5 Live Search Series: Parent / Grandparent
Tana Query Builder (aka Live Search) using PARENT and GRANDPARENT, including DOT Notation with fields and dates! Tana Inc.

Tana Navigation Hour #4 - 22 Nov 18:00 UTC

The fourth instalment of Navigation Hour is scheduled for 22 November at 18:00 UTC.

  • Got some burning questions on Tana?
  • Figuring out how to set up your workflows?
  • Want to kickstart your journey in Tana?

Tana Navigators, Andrew, Dee and Theo will guide you through any points.

To join the next Navigation Hour, see below

Tana Navigation Hour for Beginners #4 · Zoom · Luma
Hey, there Tana beginners! We’re doing another navigation session! Got some burning questions on Tana? Figuring out how to set up your workflows? Want to start your journey in…

OpenAI Chat GTP 4 Turbo in Tana?

Kent kindly posted a video showing us how we can Add the New OpenAI GPT 4 Turbo to Tana.

It's easy, the setting is a little buried in the configurations. But,now you can add GPT-4-Turbo, also known as OpenAI gpt-4-1106-preview to your Tana Workspace!

Thanks Kent!

Tana - Over complex?

In my daily perusing of Social Media, I keep seeing comments on Tana being super complex / overly complex / very steep learning curve / too difficult to comprehend.

I wonder why this is. When I first started out, yes there were things here, there and everywhere (which is no different to anything else in life when you first start off), but after taking a few baby steps and writing some notes, testing a few things out, it all fell into place.

I wonder if the perception of it being complicated is due to:

  1. The videos posted online showcasing workflows - yes these are complex but I suspect that me posting a video typing "Hello World" and creating a link would be a bit pointless.
  2. Talk of GRANDPARENT, PARENT and whatnot - I wonder if the language used to showcase features is actually putting people off as they are terms not generally associated with note-taking.
  3. The terms ontologies / schemas etc. Again, similar to the above, are these terms confusing users who just want to take some notes?
  4. The ability to focus on something new for a period of time has gone out the window through advanced technology and instant gratification / completion of things.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the above, so please do post a comment

Storing Bookmarks

Chirs asks "Does anyone have a template for storing bookmarks in Tana? I started one with URL, Title, Category and Notes. I was trying to find a way to also create a tag (not a supertag) so I could pull up any websites that are tagged with "music" or "dataprivacy". It's not being used in the same way as the supertag is because the supertag has the "X is..." format while this is more of a relation, so the format I have is like this:

Brain FM is a bookmark related to music - but I don't know the best way to do the "related to" relationship."

@Kamara, has a great solution: I'd suggest adding a Topic/Tag field. I just add a Topic field (equivalent to your tag idea) to my bookmark supertag. The Topic field is an instance field of my topic supertag, and is used to capture the "has topic/is related to" relationship. Then you can run searches on your bookmarks where the Topic field is "music" or "data privacy" as the example. For reference - Here's my messy and bare-bones bookmark tag, and my Topics.

Lots more great comments here.

Mastering the Tana Command Line, part 1: Quick Tricks & Techniques

Strategic Design posted a "tutorial to provide a comprehensive look at effectively leveraging the command line interface in Tana. You’ll learn how to use common commands like 'View As', 'Move To', and 'Find Nodes'. I demonstrate how actions initiated on a node can affect its child nodes."

Readwise and Tana

OP posts a question in Slack about the Readwise integration with Tana:

I’m a big Readwise user and my first action in Tana was to set up the export/import to Tana. This works really well and I am very impressed.

My question is how to enhance the highlights “nodes” specifically although it probably also applies to other nodes/workflows.

So, for example, I have a book node called “Book A” which has a field “Author”. Within this node are #highlight nodes. I like to add tags to these highlights- e.g. Topic B. This works really well when I click on the tag and view all highlights related to Topic B. However, my question is - is there a way to view the Author field for each highlight? In other words, can I pull in the Author field from the parent book node?

(It’s possible I can do this on the Readwise side and add author to each highlight, but wondering if it can be dynamically achieved within Tana?)

If this sounds like you, be sure to check out the responses provided here.

Two Things I Love and 1 Thing That Drives Me Crazy

Billy recently committed to Tana and after a period of usage, commented on "the two big things I absolutely adore about Tana, and the one thing that drives me crazy". These are:

  1. Tana’s base UX is amazing
  2. The Supertag system is brilliant

Unfortunately, these two enormous product systems do not integrate well at all. Once thoughts are out of their initial existence and arranged wonderfully on a page (System #1), they’re bagged and tagged and moved into to Tana’s supertag system 2, where they lose MUCH of their flexibility and essentially all system 1 functionality

The great feedback is available here in full.

Add / Deduct Number of Days From a Known Date

Wondering if there is a way to add / deduct a number of days from a known date for say, see on all #daythe tasks which are due in the next X days.

Try PARENT-4 Etc on a search node under a day node

Thanks OP and Stian for the question and response.

Embed Tweet and Better Image Display

Coming soon...enough said.

Audio Notes in Tana - Thoughts by Fis

I was not a big fan of audio notes, but after seeing this post by Fis, I am slowly starting to get convinced that there is a lot of merit in taking audio notes. Well worth the read.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to chatting with you again next week.