Tana Weekly 2023-11-12: Tana Updates, Tana Design, Learn Hub, Pages, Writing Process, Language Learning, Tasks, Book Prep, Bullet Journal and much more

The latest Tana news, updates and thoughts during the past week. Tana Weekly 2023-11-12: Tana Updates, Tana Design, Learn Hub, Pages, Writing Process, Language Learning, Tasks, Book Prep, Bullet Journal and much more

Tana Weekly 2023-11-12: Tana Updates, Tana Design, Learn Hub, Pages, Writing Process, Language Learning, Tasks, Book Prep, Bullet Journal and much more

Hi Everyone,

After a somewhat crazy last few months, I am finally properly back online and slowly getting back to normality, which gives me great pleasure to be able to post on Tana Weekly once more. My last post was about 4 months ago, which is shameful, but sometimes it is important to get off the merry-go-round that is life before the current starts to get too much (IFKYK).

Anyway, there has been so much going on in the world of Tana of late, so why don’t we jump right in?


There were no release notes this week but I am sure this does not mean that nothing was being worked on. Especially as Tana seems to sometimes go off-piste and release things mid-week such as mouse commands, desktop app, publish etc. :)

For the full list of recent releases, see below:

2023 / wk44
v. 243-245

Tana Weekly

Tana Design Team Want Your Help

The Tana design team is looking for feedback on some upcoming changes. We would love to have a 30 minute call with you to get your input. The only criteria is that you use Tana at least a few times a week. However, you do not need to be a Tana expert at all — in fact, it’s better if you’re not. Please DM Asegir (see link) if you’re interested, or 🗓️ pick a slot

You may need to check back a few times as spots fill up quickly.

New Tana Learn Hub

It seems that there is a new kid on the block to help you out with all your Tana questions. This will replace the old help documents repository, and I have to say it looks very nice.

Check out the wonderfully looking Tana Learn help centre

Welcome to the future of work. Build anything. Use it for everything. Kill your SaaS subscriptions.

Tana Desktop App

In case you did not know, Tana now has a dedicated desktop app that you can try out. I certainly am.

You can download it here and if you have any feedback, please be sure to post it here. The features of the desktop app vs the PWA app seem to be on par, but hopefully, this allows the team to add features and make the app more responsive.

Now that the desktop app is released, I would love to see some advancement to the mobile capability of Tana. Yes, Tana Capture is fantastic, but I think we now need Tana Capture & Retrieve so that we can see our notes on the move. I am sure this is being worked on, and who knows, maybe it will be a nice Christmas present.

Tana Pages

Tana recently launched their Tana Pages feature and, as part of it, had a fun competition where users could showcase their pages to win some Tana swag. Here are some of the entries, which I think are all great and helped generate ideas on what is possible.


Other entries

Great work all around.

Tracking OpenAI Usage in Tana?

Ever wanted to know how many Cents / Dollars / Tokens you have used running AI commands in Tana without having to navigate away from Tana, sign into OpenAI, get distracted and then lose half an hour scrolling on something you should not have, well Eirik of the Tana team may be your saving grace, as he seems to be working on some tooling which will allow us to see our usage from within Tana.

Check out this post for more info.

Writing Process

My good internet friend, Dario, posted a video on his writing process, where he uses apps like Tana + Logseq + Obsidian. Well worth a watch.

In this video, he ponders, "A lot of people will tell you you have to choose one application. I don't think that is the best way to go about things. Each application has different strengths, and in this video I quickly go through my process of writing an article, leveraging the different strengths of the apps."

Unlocking Tana

Sticking with Dario, he has an exciting course available called Unlocking Tana. I am in no way associated with the course and there is no referral for me posting this / you signing up for the course. I am a big fan of Dario's work and given the time and effort he spends in creating free content, I think it is only right to post about a quality course when I see one.

Unlock Tana - Detailed tutorials in a course designed to unlock Tana’s potential
A well-structured course to help you build a strong foundation in using Tana and unlock productive ways of working. First, you’ll learn about core Tana features such as outlining, supertags and fields that create a powerful, usable knowledge graph. Then you’ll look at developing strategies for eff…

Language Learning with Tana (AI + SRS + Mobile)

@Stian cooks up a storm with a great video on language learning and especially learning vocabulary with Tana, AI, spaced repetition and mobile.

Well worth a watch if you are currently, or planning to, learn a language:

Check out the cool Tana Page to accompany the above and see what is possible. https://t.co/e97ntPDLvl

Daily Node for Tasks

Renee posted a quick video on how she uses Tana daily node for tasks.

Although she says it is simple, to me this is great - sometimes less is a lot more. We are already overwhelmed in all parts of life, so to see something "simple" that works is great. Thanks for sharing.

Book Prep in Tana

RJ Nestor posts a great introduction on his upcoming book through Tana Pages. Not only does this showcase the power of Tana, but it also is a very insightful article. Looking forward to the book when this is published.

Link to article.

Bullet Journal In Tana

Looking to create a bullet journal in Tana? Well, Ev has us covered in this recent video.

Bullet Journal collections are a great way to track & organise just about anything. But once you build quite a few collections tracking them all in paper notebooks can get tiresome. Tana almost seems purpose built for Bullet Journal collections. With it's built in supertags and live searches it is so easy to set up any number of collections, get things in fast & then equally find things easily.

In this video I talk about why Tana is so great for bullet journalling, how to build your bullet journal collections and some fun Tana Tricks that your paper bullet journal just can't do.

Effortlessly Flow in Tana

OP posts a video on 6 Ways to effortlessly flow in Tana by looking through some navigational flows to help us improve our productivity.

The video looks at:

  • Opening Nodes in the Right Panel
  • Using Tana Capture for Quick Notes
  • Moving Notes to the 'Today' Node
  • The 'Quick Add' Feature
  • Using Search and Docking Nodes
  • Pinning Nodes
  • and more

Star / Unstar Nodes?

Billy recently posted a setup for creating and starring nodes, like so:

If you are looking to create something similar, be sure to check out the detailed step-by-step guide posted here.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to chatting with you again next week.