Tana Weekly 2023-07-15: Tana Updates, Trip Planning, Language Learning, Hints and Tips, Mini Routine, Pillars of Life, Media Tracking and much more

The latest Tana news, updates and thoughts during the past week. Tana Weekly 2023-07-15: Tana Updates, Trip Planning, Language Learning, Hints and Tips, Mini Routine, Pillars of Life, Media Tracking and much more

Tana Weekly 2023-07-15: Tana Updates, Trip Planning, Language Learning, Hints and Tips, Mini Routine, Pillars of Life, Media Tracking and much more

Hi Everyone,

The summer holidays are well and truly upon us, as is notable from the various Tana Team members being on a well-deserved vacation. This, though, has not stopped the great quality content produced by the amazing users.


This past week Tana released the following:

Friday Release Node


  • Now it’s possible to outdent (Shift+Tab) node from the table view to move it out or, in case of search node, to create a reference in the parent.
  • Using the keyboard to trigger contextual menus handles focus better.
  • Filtering and grouping options should now appear in the original order.
  • More stability is added around rendering tables.
  • Added constraints on moving nodes that have associated data.
  • A fair number of selection-related changes and fixes.
  • To reduce the confusion and lag, we have stopped live searches from running if they are expanded inside of a tag definition.

Bugs squashed 🐞🐛:

  • You should be able to scroll-select nodes now if the list of nodes is longer than the screen.
  • The keyboard navigation flow remains within the date picker when granularity is removed.
  • Clicking a selection of nodes unselects the nodes … better.
  • Fixed bug where pressing enter in the date picker would close the date picker and not set the year.
  • Selecting text using the click and shift combination did not work for nodes in the list view, this is fixed now.
  • We now show filter options even if your data set has no values.
  • A certain situation with sorted nodes resulted in the client crashing. Fixed.
  • Fixed some issues with the field selection, including a selection of checkbox fields.
  • Fixed bug where Untitled was showing up in some cases in the list of options to choose from.
  • Fixed bug where removing yourself from a workspace resulted in a scary error message sometimes that was harmless.

Tana Weekly

One From Me - Trip Planning in Tana

To learn a bit more about Tana and how it works and how I can actually use it in my personal life, I thought I would ask it for assistance for an upcoming trip. In this article and the below video, you will hopefully see that we can keep things relatively simple and still go a long way.

Mini Morning Routine

@Kam shows us how we can use Tana to create a mini morning routine.  

Bulletproof System

@Andrew, shares how 5 systems in Tana help him stay productive and reach his targets. The systems revolve around the following:

  • 🧭 Life OS
  • 🧬 Health Lab
  • 🎛️ Business OS
  • 💬 Personal CRM
  • ♾ Content factory

Import from Logseq

OP asks: "I have looked at the GitHub for importing Logseq to Tana. I don't understand how to use it. Does anyone have a simple resource for importing my Logseq data to Tana?"

I also checked Slack, and unfortunately, there does not seem to be an easy way - if anyone has a potential solution, please comment below.

Search Within Any Note

Dee helps us out with the Search Within: Did you know? You can “SEARCH WITHIN” ANY node?

Yep, you can.  Try it. Go do any node, preferably one with many child nodes, and CMD / Ctrl + k > Search within and type your search phrase or word. There you go! It will find results limited to that node!

Great for long-form writing and other workflows with a lot of narrative!If you do this on your HOME NODE - it will limit your SEARCH results to only that workspace.

You can also use a shortcut CMD / Ctrl + SHIFT + S to achieve the above.

From Outlook Meeting to Tana

Dominic asks: I’m looking for a way to automate the creation of a #meeting when I accept or create a meeting in Outlook - I tend to do a lot of my work in #meeting tags which I have set up to track attendees, outputs, to-dos etc. - but often I spend the first few minutes of a meeting creating the node in Tana - it would be amazing if I could come to Tana’s “today” page with my day’s meetings already pre-filled, ready for me to deal with.

I reckon I could probably use something like Zapier or Microsoft flows to create the tag, but I’m scratching around, wondering where to start - can anybody give me any pointers?

Michael provides a possible solution:

I use make.com for that. I have a scenario in Make which gets all meetings of the day from google calendar (via the google calendar integration from Make).

it then creates a json to match the tana api format to create a note with the tag meeting and fills the properties for the meeting subject and time. (so far it does not add the attendees or further description).

Then the tana api is used to send each meeting to the Tana inbox. In Tana I have set up a command which calls the make API to execute this scenario. I usually execute this command every day when I start working. On the daily node, I have a search which lists the meetings for the day.

Track Media

@Braydon shows us an easy way to track interesting media. Whether it is a book, article, video or other, you can easily create a simple tracking process in Tana to keep on top of things.

China Tana Meet Up

Good times at the Tana meetup in Beijing! @Stian attended in person, connecting with the amazing community from many different cities who all came in just for this event.

Cannot wait to see Tana worldwide meet-ups.  Well done to all involved.

PDF Annotation Feature Request

Explain the problem as you see it

Tana currently allows the user to read a PDF file without leaving the app. Currently, however, extracting text from that PDF requires to manually copy the relevant text or switching to a different app (e.g. Readwise Reader)

Why is this a problem for you?

Both manually copying the relevant text from the PDF or switching to a different app (e.g. Readwise Reader) create friction.

Suggest a solution

Integrate into Tana a native PDF annotator that would allow users to annotate files PDF documents once these have been added to Tana and export these annotations as nodes.

If the above applies to you, then please upvote this feature request.

PDF Annotator - Tana Ideas

Tana Slow(ing) Start Up?

A few questions / points this week revolved around "startup time is getting progressively slower" as the knowledgebase increases in size and number of nodes.

@CortexFutura provide a possible reason why:

As I understand it, that's because they are still loading your whole workspace into memory on your computer – as your workspace grows, it becomes more resource intensive. I think they mentioned in AMA that they are working on that, though.

Keep an eye on this space for any improvements.

Tana for Language Learning

@Eneko loves learning Greek with Tana and AI! Every day, he gets 10 random sentences featuring the words he is mastering. A translation from Greek to English, then crosscheck the AI's translation. Rinse and repeat.

Extract All Your Social Media Content From One Weekly Newsletter

@Ev shares how we can turn one idea into countless shareable content pieces on repeat every week in an easy three-step process.

  1. Plan the Topic
  2. Idea to Content
  3. Extract from Content

Great article.

How To Extract All Your Social Media Content From One Weekly Newsletter
Turn one idea into countless shareable content pieces on repeat every week

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to chatting with you again next week.