Tana Weekly 2023-07-08: Tana Updates, Tana for Beginners, Navigator Hour, Lessons Learned, GPT-4, Metric Tracking and more

The latest Tana news, updates and thoughts during the past week. Tana Weekly 2023-07-08: Tana Updates, Tana for Beginners, Navigator Hour, Lessons Learned, GPT-4, Metric Tracking and more

Tana Weekly 2023-07-08: Tana Updates, Tana for Beginners, Navigator Hour, Lessons Learned, GPT-4, Metric Tracking and more

Hi Everyone,

This weekend we have the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix. The F1 sort of reminds me of Tana and the work the devs put in. Lots of fast-paced acceleration to release new features but with caution to ensure it works. Care and consideration in the app to make it as efficient and ergonomic as possible. Who wants to waste a few seconds in the straight or opening the app? Design and attention to detail to make it stand out yet pleasing to the eyes. Open the hood, and wow!

With that F1 / Tana analogy out of the way, which probably could have been shortened to "Vroom Vroom = Tana", let's get on with it, shall we?


This past week Tana released the following:

Friday Release Node


  • 💨 We improved performance for tabs view.
  • 🫣 We moved all files in our internal repository. (We usually wouldn’t note this, but FYI for builders creating CSS-hacks, particularly many class names will have changed because of this.)

Bugs squashed 🐞🐛:

  • Autocompleter no longer stays open when you open quick add.
  • We fixed shift+select to again be able to select multiple nodes.
  • Fixed recent regression of not being able to run Ctrl K on multiple nodes.
  • Mouse selection was partially broken. We improved this situation.
  • We had a rendering bug with panels! We fixed the performance of editing a zoomed-in node’s title when it is in a panel.
  • When clicking on command buttons they didn’t show that they were in a state of execution – Clicking a command button will now disable it while it is working.
  • We fixed the too-short keyboard shortcut side menu (on Linux and Windows)
  • Fixed layout issue with notification dot on ‘manage workspaces’ button
  • Datepicker now registers newly written minute input again when clicking away with the mouse.
  • We fixed Ctrl Shift D (go to today) keyboard shortcut to work again after shortly breaking it.
  • Sometimes, the selection shown on the screen varies from the selection we *act on*. The selections being shown should now more often be the same command will operate on.
  • It is no longer possible to lock yourself out of Tana by running the ‘Remove member’ command on yourself 🎉

Insecticide continues! Summer of Bugs 2023!

Tana Weekly

Tana for Beginners

A new channel has been set up in  Slack for Beginners. Tana wants to keep making it easy to learn and explore Tana, and one way is with a dedicated channel in Slack for new users.  

It’s a place to ask about basics and will also contain posts and tips specifically for those just starting out. Please do not be shy about asking any question that is on your mind - it is likely that lots of others will have the same question.

Inagural Navigator Hour

As part of making Tana simpler to pick up, the recording of the first Navigation Hour is below:

And the Navigators have already scheduled the 2nd Navigator hour event - Thursday 13 July @17:00 UTC. https://lu.ma/hdudydrp

They also plan to do one more session on GMT so people from all the timezones could join. Great initiative - thank you!

Lessons Learned Super Tag

CortexFutura shares a "simple" template (it's one super tag 😁) for tracking your "lessons learned" using NASA's ADLR framework.

If you are looking to record your lessons learned for prosperity and recall / improvement, then look no further. There is so much useful content in the blog post, that it is definitely worth checking out.

Tana AMA Summary

Sticking with CortexFutura for a moment, he succinctly summarised the recent Tana AMA into different sections and closes it off with his thoughts - well worth checking the tweet below.  

Tana Tours Continues

Today we're chatting to Adam Dobay about how he uses Tana as a Neurodivergent adult as well as with his team at Weirdly Successful. Adam is the founder of Weirdly Successful, a socially conscious small business providing one-on-one and team education and consulting on neurodivergence from ADHD, Autism, OCD, SPD and more.

Adam and his co-founders, Livia and Nora apply 17 years of experience creating neurodivergent-friendly strategies for thousands of adults to develop the most up-to-date, science-backed and lived experience-based adaptations for life and work.

Creating texts with the help of AI commands in TANA with different inputs

Kerem explains his workflow using AI commands in TANA to develop creative texts and stimulate innovative ideas. "I use various resources like literature notes, artworks, and films to find inspiration. I share my strategy for staying clear of cliches and overused concepts in writing by generating questions that exclude such stereotyped topics.  

Throughout the process, I aim to refine and detail ideas further, using TANA’s suggestions for revisions and improving the initial text."

Wonderful stuff. Thanks for sharing!

OpenAI GPT-4 For Everyone

David found that it is possible to have Tana AI based on GPT-4  following the release / opening up of it from OpenAI.

You may need to go to OpenAI and generate a new secret key to enable it but from what I gather, it is a great improvement on the older models. Have fun (and remember to set a spending limit in OpenAI to not have any nasty surprises).

So what, you may ask? Well, Kam shows us the big difference in the two models:

Knowledge Representation Made Easy

Fis explains knowledge representation in a nice and easy way to help us improve our note-taking experience and gain the most out of it.  

Tana on Threads

Olav will soon be setting up the Tana account on Threads, so be sure to keep an eye on it.

With so many Social Networks out there, it is becoming a bit hard of who to follow where - could Threads be the place to go?

Metric tracking workflow in Tana?

Emmanuel Galanos shows us what is possible in Tana with a Metric Tracking workflow.

I've been wondering in the back of my mind for a while now: how can I use Tana to better help me track metrics & targets over time for many different aspects of life, particularly around nutrition, health, and fitness.If I was being sensible, I would just make a field per metric and get on with it

That approach didn't really sit well with me though as using a field per metric doesn't allow for:

  • Units to be displayed with the value
  • Linking together measurements, statistics, and targets for a metric
  • Per metric querying along with metadata like time of measurement, etc
  • Flexibility of changing what is tracked per workout/day without a lot of empty fields
  • ...and I just have a tendency to overcomplicate things. ergh

Anyway, this is new and incomplete and I'm still experimenting, but I thought I would put it out there and ask what others are doing.

  • Have you got a system that works well for you?
  • What challenges have you had?
  • Thoughts/feedback?

Super Tag Colours

Maceij highlights that it is possible to change the super tag colours with the following:

You can change the supertag color manually if you want, but it doesn't always work as expected (some colors seem to no work):

  1. type anywhere @#nameofsupertag
  2. it will create a reference to the supertag itself
  3. CMD+K
  4. Debug supertag
  5. Color = color of the supertag
  6. On the right there is a color palette
  7. Not all RGB values work

Excellent tip - thank you!

Atomic Creation

This video is about 4 months old, but I only came across it this week and thought that it was great.

Theo introduces us to a new Zettelkasten system called SN(A)CK, which unifies sources, notes, creations, and knowledge in one seamless setup.

I'll show you step-by-step how to use atomic creation in Tana to streamline your note-taking and personal knowledge management. With SN(A)CK and Tana, you'll have a powerful and effective zettelkasten that focuses on creative output.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to chatting with you again next week.