Tana Weekly 2023-06-24: Tana Updates, Navigator Hour, Project Management, Recurring Tasks, Tana for Uni and more

The latest Tana news, updates and thoughts during the past week. Tana Weekly 2023-06-24: Tana Updates, Navigator Hour, Project Management, Recurring Tasks, Tana for Uni and more

Tana Weekly 2023-06-24: Tana Updates, Navigator Hour, Project Management, Recurring Tasks, Tana for Uni and more

Hi Everyone,

This week I am glad to be posting from London. I managed to escape the sandbox for a week which was great as it allowed me to refresh on rain, clouds, greenery and whatnot. Sometimes it is nice to break things up and have a mini refresh to recharge the batteries.

What certainly does not need recharging is the fantastic content posted by Tana users.


This past week Tana released the following:

Friday Release Node


  • We released some new command line commands!  “Show all fields”, “Hide all fields”, “Show all non-empty fields”. They can be run on a node, or on the field names.
  • Deleting a node from a live search was annoying. You can now directly delete nodes from a search expression, if the nodes have no other references or children. For others, we give a more complete error message.

Bugs squashed:

  • Using AI on contextual columns now correctly sets the values as contextual fields (previously, they were set as normal fields)
  • Content (in fields) overflowed in cards view! We fixed overflow in the cards view.
  • Quite a few fixes behind the scenes as well. Bugs, bugs, bugs!

Seems like the summer of bug fixing is upon us.

Tana Weekly

AMA with Tana

I probably should not be sharing, but I will do so anyway as I like living on the edge of my seat and build up some hype. There are rumblings about the Tana team members holding an AMA session on Reddit in the very near future.

The potential idea is to hold a written session over the course of a day with a special live AMA session taking place over 1 hour. All your burning questions could be answered.

Be sure to join the unofficial Tana subreddit to not miss out on the details when these are posted.

r/TanaInc: Community-driven, Tana-supported subreddit for users and fans of Tana.inc, the Everything OS. For bug reports, an email to help@tana.inc …

P.S. The above is 🤫, so you did not hear it from me.

Recurring Tasks

Although this post is a couple of months old, I thought it would be useful to resurrect as it provides an easy way to create recurring tasks. Thanks for sharing, Marni.

Note-Taking to Action in No Time (well, 20 mins)

Sticking with Marni, she posted a great video on going from note-taking to Action in 20 minutes.  The video explores how Tana, an AI productivity tool, can revolutionize your note-taking and help you stay organized.

In the step-by-step guide, Marni discusses her process for using Tana to manage notes and tasks related to attending a summit. She creates "people" tags for speakers and attaches them to the notes taken during their talks. She also prioritizes which talks to review and transcribe them using Tana's capture app.

One of the key benefits of using Tana is its AI capabilities. It has allowed Marni to build her task rank system into it. This can help streamline your workflow and ensure you stay on top of the tasks that matter most. Additionally, Tana's AI transcription, Whisper, can simplify your daily routine by transcribing audio recordings wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Have you noticed that you get the best ideas in the oddest places, like the shower?

How I Go From Note-Taking to Action: 20 minutes with Tana

TANA Live Search Series - Episode 3

The third instalment to the TANA Live Search Series is out!

In this series, we deconstructed elements of Live Search that make your search powerful and flexible: System Operators, System Nodes, System Fields, and Value types. We will discuss what they are, how they work, why you’d use them, and how they differ.

System operators, nodes, fields, and keywords are the cogs in the engine that drive your search. Keywords are deconstructed in the fourth, and final, article of this series before we move on to other fun TANA features.

# 3 Tana Live Search Beginner’s Series:
System Fields, Nodes, Operators, and Value Types

Reminder of Online Only based Tools

A couple of Reddit posts this week focused on the shortcomings of relying on online-only-based solutions.

The first post "Gentle reminder to not be completely reliant on a cloud-based service with no offline storage" focused on the problems OP faced when pasting what seemed like two simple lines of text / code. This caused Tana to crash and rendered it unusable as it would then not load due to a perpetual loading of the code blocks.  It seems this was resolved, but a reminder that things can go wrong.

The other was a point-blank question on "Offline Mode in Tana". "Love Tana so far. What is sometimes annoying, is that it only works with a stable connection to the web. In trains and lots of other occasions, there is simply no connection - or at least only a poor one. Is there anything on the horizon - like an offline-mode?"

Check out the posts to see the responses in full.


Here's a really basic implementation of a Chrome extension that uses the Tana API.

GitHub - alreadyarrived/Chrome2Tana
Contribute to alreadyarrived/Chrome2Tana development by creating an account on GitHub.

Tana University Hub Template

Bah shared their first (and free) Tana template: a page to manage your studies, take notes, keep track of your assignments, and to collect all your resources.

Copy this template to your workspace: https://app.tana.inc/?bundle=l1LUa1jWx6.tDkjTU5tfx_j

If you would like to be notified when I change or update this template (as new features are added to Tana), download it from this page so I can send you the new version: https://bahlindt.gumroad.com/l/university_hub

How Tana is helping me rethink my research workflow

After spending the past few years in Notion to which I was thoroughly committed, I’ve started to look around at other spatial note-taking tools to move to a more fluid knowledge development system that facilitates deeper synthesis and allows me to capture and process knowledge in the flow of my work. One of the challenges with Notion is deciding what I’m writing and where it should go at the outset.

I was intrigued by tools like Obsidian, Capacities and Tana which enabled more visible connections from one knowledge piece to another more easily. I’ve been trialling Tana for only a week or so now, and so far am enjoying the process.

Check out the full post here.

Project Management in Tana

A great video by Dario who looks at how to manage projects in Tana.

Keeping on top of multiple projects is hard. I've used PowerPoint, Excel, Airtable, Notion, Mural, Logseq to manage multiple projects, but I've always found there to be something lacking. But just as Airtable and Logseq were 'game changers' that helped me shift workflows, Tana has helped me do that in a project management sense.

I've finally found a way to integrate the 50,000-foot view with the 10,000-foot view if you're familiar with David Allen's Getting Things Done.  In this video, I share my system for managing projects and tasks, and also what I call 'open loops' in Tana.

If you're interested, I've created a template which is available to speed up your implementation here.

Dario is also working on a Tana course to help you improve the way you use Tana. You can sign-up for that here: https://www.unlocktana.com

Tana a New Note Taking App

Tana is a new note-taking app and PKM tool that has gained a lot of traction. Tana is an outliner app like Roam or Logseq, but is it better?

Calling All Tana Beginners

Thursday 29 June @ 17:00 GMT a few of the Tana Navigators are doing a session just for you!

Got some burning questions or neat ideas to share? Maybe you’re figuring out how to set up some workflows?

And even if you’re just curious about what other beginners are up to, you’re welcome to jump in!

Join our first Navigation Hour, and let’s explore Tana together!

Tana Navigation Hour for Beginners · Zoom · Luma
Hey, there Tana beginners!We’re doing a session just for you!Got some burning questions or neat ideas to share? Maybe you’re figuring out how to set up some workflows?Tana Navigators…

Tana vs Others

This week we have ad couple of articles about Tana vs others.

First up, Tana's strengths compared to Notion. In this article the OP shares their thoughts on why Tana is superior to Notion. The points include:

  • The biggest strength of Notion for me lies in its databases. But this is also present in Tana. It is just turbocharged.
  • You can easily create new databases, merge them or even reformat them.
  • You can also define an object as only one type of object in the new trendy Capacities, for example).
  • You don't have to figure everything out right away when you first use the supertag: you can grow your Workspace organically, from the bottom up.
  • If you come from the Notion world, you might be familiar with Property. Its equivalent in Tana is Field. Only it's actually much more powerful, and more customizable. Of course, you can also refer to elements of other databases: relation in Notion; instance in Tana.
  • Tana's search function is also much more powerful. The query is highly customizable: you can search exclusively within one supertag, or even within several. You can filter by field, but also by text alone. And you can do all of these at once.
  • A lot of people are trying to find a proper solution for the random function in Notion, meanwhile, Tana already has it.

On the other hand, we have this post on "What’s so great about Tana? Do Logseq-users use it". A lot of the responses revolve around it being limited as it is an Online only tool and there is no easy access to your files (limited export). However, there are also comments on the ease of use on multiple devices and the amazing features.

Both articles are worth checking out.  

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to chatting with you again next week.