Tana Weekly 2023-06-03: Latest Tana Updates, User Insights, Tana Tour, Live Search, Language Learning and more

The latest Tana news, updates and thoughts during the past week. Tana Weekly 2023-06-03: Latest Tana Updates, User Insights, Tana Tour, Live Search, Language Learning and more

Tana Weekly 2023-06-03: Latest Tana Updates, User Insights, Tana Tour, Live Search, Language Learning and more

Hi Everyone,

Another week and month have flown by and here we are in June. The temperature is getting hotter  - the other day we reached something like 43 degrees Celsius and things are only going to get hotter in the next few months.

This leads us on nicely to Tana. Whilst the blockbuster releases have slowed a little (I think it is only right after, Tana Capture (iOS), Tana AI, Tana Commands, Tana Autofill), there is no dowsing the flow of amazing content being published. So let's get to it.


This past week Tana released the following:

Friday Release Node

Not much to report on, I am afraid, this week. It seems the team was working on bug fixes and some behind-the-scenes work only.

Can't wait to see what is in store for us.

Tana Weekly

How do you Use Tana?

The Tana team is looking to carry out some user insights into how we use Tana. This is to improve the offering and provide a better experience.

To do this, we need some real insight! I’m now looking for people who’d be willing to record their screen for 5-20 minutes during any regular session, doing your thing in Tana; as if I was peeking over your shoulder, minus the sound of my breathing so you can focus on what you’re actually trying to get done.

The recordings will be used for internal analysis only and will be deleted after use – at the latest after 90 days.

Interested? Sign up here (original post here). P.S. No need for you to talk during the video, the team just wants to see how you go about using Tana.

Tana Tour Continues

Ev Chapman and guest, RJ Nestor discuss how to combine simple (& sometimes complex) commands with task management to make managing your tasks in Tana a breeze!

RJ also shows us the world of recurring tasks and how to set up recurring tasks in his own workspace.

Evernote to Tana Anyone

Looking to move away from Evernote to Tana, or even just create a Markdown backup of your Evernotes, then check out yarle.

This tool allows you to convert Evernote notes to Markdown to enable you to import your converted notes into another tool, one of which is Tana.

Yarle converts your notes to Tana Internal Format. To achieve this, the only thing you need to do differently than the default usage is to the output format as Tana Internal Format. The conversion will produce only one file called notes-in-TIF.json. It will contain all of your notes in Tana Internal Format, then you can import this file to Tana.

Worth checking out.

Tana Live Search for Beginners Series

Search Building Blocks and Execution Order. In the second of a four-part series on Tana Live Search Series for Beginners. We jump back into that Live Search series this week and continue deconstructing the Live Search Expression, discussing basic search building blocks, and search execution order.

#2 Tana Live Search for Beginners Series: Search Building Blocks and Execution Order
2023.06.03.v5 Edition Tana.Inc The Everything OS

I love the clear step-by-step approach. Thanks for sharing.

An index to the entire series is here.

Come Visit Reddit

The Tana team appreciate that not everyone wants to be on Slack, so they have taken notice and are ready to support other communities outside of Slack, and Tana has taken notice of our r/TanaInc Reddit group.

It's our mission to up engagement. Keep an eye out for future Reddit events, including workflow examples, monthly contests, surveys, AMAs with the Tana Team, and much more.

Check out the announcement here.

Tana has taken notice! A culture of collaboration between Tana and our Reddit group has begun!
by u/Writer_writes in TanaInc

Full disclosure, I am one of the Mods, so apologies in advance for the Reddit links and posts :)

Keeping true to my word, check out this post to vote on what you want to see next in the Tana Subreddit.

Aliases in Tana

Question: "I cannot use custom text as an alias. I use that a lot in Logseq (eg translations of important references, or synonyms)"


I am not sure what is going on with the Twitter embed, so here is the link

Language Learning in Tana

Kamara shares, "my prompts that I've been using for language learning, plus real examples so you can see what they do. Here's the template (you can see some more detail in the photos) - https://app.tana.inc/?bundle=8R2W-ejT5R.15xs6g3qCy

There are five main prompts that help me generate content and examples in my target language (French) and level (DELF B2), but I've set the template up so you can input your own language and level as variables.

Simple Principles for Seamless Productivity in Tana

Bri published a very interesting article looking at how some key principles can help us be more productive in Tana. The article covers aspects such as:

  1. Figure out the minimum number of required fields
  2. Figure out the minimum number of tags
  3. Be selective about what you capture
  4. Be selective about what you connect
  5. Use the best tool for the job

I love the explanations provided for each principle and Bri's point of view.

5 Simple Principles for Seamless Productivity in Tana (or any other app)
When it comes to productivity, I don’t like confining myself to a rigid step-by-step workflow. I found that such systems limit my…

Thank you for sharing.

Export From Tana

A hot topic is vendor lock-in and whether our notes are locked into Tana. The short answer is no, you are not locked into Tana. The long answer is, no, you are not locked into Tana, although this is an area that needs improvement to make exporting easier and more user friendly

For the time being, you can use:

You can use Ctrl / Cmd + k and

  • copy as markdown  OR
  • export as plain HTML

You can also zoom into a node then do a normal screen print pr simply Shift + P to print.

Prompt Sequence

Code Assistance Made Easy

Graeme shares his first (simple) AI workflow, which changed his life.

Development is not 100% of my job, so when I need to code I often spend a lot of time googling for simple things that I have simply forgotten.ChatGPT helped me move the disruption of constant Google / SO searching to a more prescriptive approach. But now I have created a custom AI field on a #code supertag, which does the same thing. The benefits are:

  1. I no longer have to break the flow by searching / logging in to ChatGPT
  2. All the code snippets are now saved into a table which means I can keep the reference!

GTD In Tana

Anders shares an interesting observation:

A few weeks ago I moved my GTD setup from OmniFocus to Tana. Part of the process was setting up a couple of searches for my weekly review. As they are getting fine-tuned over time, I’ve noticed that the review is done quicker and quicker, but also with much more detail.I think this is the result of two strengths in Tana:

  1. The granular control of the search nodes, where you can be very specific of what nodes you are interested in,
  2. The different views. My search nodes for the weekly review is a mix of lists, cards, tables, and calendars depending on the review purpose for each search.

Take-away: When creating your searches, spend some time thinking about the needed outcome. What is it you want from the search?

What do I mean by that? One example: For one of the searches, I want to make sure that all meetings since last week has a summary in the summary field. Limiting the search to only meetings where that field isn’t set and presenting them as a list would be one way. But instead, including all meetings but displaying the result as a table with the summary field included also helps jog my memory about what meetings I had during the week by putting all summaries before my eyes.

One from Me - Book Recommendation Using Tana

I am an avid reader but somehow also get stumped when I finish a book and need to plan what to read next. Luckily, Tana and a Tana Command should put that to bed.

Thanks Dee (and others), for the suggestion to turn this into an AI Command.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to chatting with you again next week.