Tana Weekly 2023-05-13: Tana Q2 Update, New Release, Tana Jam, Commands, Question your Knowledge Base and more

A look at the latest Tana news, updates and thoughts during the past week. Tana Weekly 2023-05-13: Tana Q2 Update, New Release, Tana Jam, Commands, Question your Knowledge Base and more

Tana Weekly 2023-05-13: Tana Q2 Update, New Release, Tana Jam, Commands, Question your Knowledge Base and more

Hi Everyone. First off, I want to thank you all for subscribing to this newsletter and reading its content. This is very much appreciated, and each day the subscriber count is growing healthily.  

What is also growing is the number of incredible features the Tana team are working on and releasing. The pace of the Tana team's work is relentless, but so is the fabulous content the Tana users create. So why don't we get right to it?

Tana Announcements

  • Q2 Update - Easy and beautiful - The Tana team provides an update to the priorities, and reflects on what they've done in Q1. The team was hard at work throughout Q1, focused on building amazing features to enhance productivity, information, and collaboration. As Q2 begins the pace and shipping of new features, most of them, will multiply the usefulness and power of Tana, will be maintained. Tana's true potential will be unlocked when it is not only packed with innovative features but is also easy to use, visually appealing, and reliable.
  • Short Q2-survey - Please complete this Tana Team survey so that they can listen to your thoughts and collectively, we can improve the app. https://uncawdi83w4.typeform.com/Q2survey


This past week Tana released the following:

Features - aka the Brage Section

As a new initiative,  Brage kindly decided to be more transparent about the team's work. So say goodbye to [  Redacted  ]. Unfortunately, he had a trick up his sleeve and presented us with the following:

  • So, let me instead say work continues on [ Klls kl tuffdbnr rrkllni - rsx jlrunwr'w wsolqp xkzw oipd. Mw'j fhtvxv wf iqjqr xkv vhlgtwhj eoopz alkl hvgkcrei hlux. (x.op/4P66) ], and we can't wait for you to start playing with it.

If anyone can decipher it, please do post a comment.

Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Library, schema, inbox now appears in the global top bar search
  • Group nodes by Date fields.
  • Configure page size on nodes. This determines where the "line break" appears. (You can find it running the Configure Node command.)
  • Insert tags in command parameters that expect tags.
  • Adding "Transcribe audio as ... (language)" to the command line
  • Navigating to next/previous month when a date is selected, should now go to the same date next month.
  • If you change a date in calendar view, making a node disappear, you now get a  a notification banner where you can go to its new location.
  • Bug fix for multiple paginated lists showing at the same time
  • Fixed one issue where you could get 'Unknown' node in certain tag
  • Navigating to end of node text, also when the node has a tag

For the post in all its glory, click here. 

Tana Weekly

Tana Jam

Andrew will be hosting the next Tana Jam on Thursday, 18 May. The plan for the session is "Tana Commands & prompt engineering".

We'll explore Tana Commands and prompt engineering in Tana (with Tana workbench).

​Andrew will share how he uses commands and engineers prompts to evaluate arguments and break down complex problems.

​Bring your questions, ideas, and workflows to share!

I am certainly looking forward to it.

To find the time of the session in your area and to register for the event, please be sure to click here.

Tana Commands

Tana Commands let you set up a string of automated actions inside Tana, and then execute them via buttons or the command line.

Most of what you can do manually in Tana can also be executed as a command. Commands can be as simple as adding tags, moving the target node or changing the values of its fields to complex commands like launching Tana AI or connecting to other APIs.

It's open to everyone, and with a few simple steps, you can set up your first command.

Check out this video by Andre for more details.

Also, be sure to check out the official release video from Brage here. Includes details of a couple of templates you can install to your Tana to play around with.

Ask and AI Shall Give You

Following on from the above Tana Commands video, you can then combine AI with Tana Commands to ask anything from OpenAI / ChatGPT and get a response directly in your knowledge base. Check out the following video for more.


A really interesting discussion took place on data security / encryption.

It starts with the point, "It would be nice to add E2E encryption for this application because not having it will prevent people from using it. Like I straight up can't use this for work because our data can be accessed."

Whilst data is E2E encrypted over the wire and at rest which relates to encryption in transit and at rest but the Tana team still has the keys to decrypt the content. However, access to the keys is access is tightly controlled and audited.

There are more posts on encryption and more details, so it is well worth checking the posts out.

Tana Capture Workflow Walkthrough

Riccardo presents a walkthrough of his Tana Capture workflow to build a superfast information-capturing system.

In the article, Riccardo explains how he designed a superfast information-capturing workflow inside Tana. He teaches us how to build such a system for our needs. It considers:

  • Experience with Quick Capturing
  • Append Only to Your Daily Note
  • Define Your Quick Add Entities
  • Identify the Minimal Set of Fields
  • Default Values, Auto-initialization and Nullability are Your Friends
  • Leverage Queries to Show Information Where Needed
Tana - How To Build The Fastest Information Capturing Workflow
In this article I am going to talk about how I designed a super fast information capturing workflow inside of Tana. I will teach you from first principles how to build such a system for your needs.

I thought this was a fantastic guide, and hope you do too.

Learnings from 7 months of Usage

Anders posts about his thoughts and learning after using Tana for 7 months.

I just checked, and it's already been 7 months since I first started to use Tana. Have accelerated that over that last month or so, by moving more and more parts of my daily needs from other apps and services into Tana.Two observations:

  1. There is a lot value in having meeting minutes, Zettelkasten-style notes, project management, and GTD projects and tasks in one tool. Why? Because they all operate on the same information. Task relates not only to projects, but also to highlights and annotations from Readwise. Meeting minutes to project management etc.
  2. There is a great flexibility in how you build your supertags. At first, I was anxious to get everything right from the get-go, thinking a lot about what tags and fields I needed. Much of this was over-achieving, setting up a lot of fields that didn't add any real value to my graph. But, no problem: Fields can be removed or added on a as-needed-basis, in a process much simpler than I anticipated. So, my best advice to you just joining: Start by adding supertags following the basic advice of using the to describe what a node represents. For me, that's stuff like highlight, thought, project, task, and others. The most obvious fields can be added straight away, but many can wait until you find out what criteria you need to filter by. When you do, add the fields needed.

 Great advice for new and old users alike.

Tana Capture for Startup/Shutdown Routines / Weekly Reviews

A great way of doing Startup/Shutdown Routines / Weekly Reviews at the end of the day or week when we are not at the computer.

Knowledge Management in Tana with Fis Fraga

@Fis presents us with his edition 15 of The Fis Letter! This is a special edition being the 1st one completely dedicated to Tana.

In this article, Fis looks at why Tana is so powerful for Knowledge Management and how to create a hierarchical (folder) structure inside Tana.

Back to Tana Basics

NotBoringBlogs gives us a rundown of his learning by breaking down the basics of Tana.

Having moved all his YouTube content management as well as blogs for Medium and the Not Entirely Boring newsletter to Tana, he is taking things slowly to learn the ropes whilst sharing with us what he learns. Great article.

Readwise Reader to Tana

@Fei-Ling explains her workflow to copy / paste information from Readwise Reader into Tana, here.

  • How I fixed basic cut/paste highlight export from Reader to Tana for myself

I recently got Readwise Reader and really love it, but it was strangely difficult to get the export template written in just the perfect way so that my highlights and notes are a simple cut-and-paste into Tana. The main problems are:

  • 1. Line breaks within highlights would mess up everything

Insight: Tana does not support soft line breaks within nodes, so line breaks within a highlight would export poorly. You can add | replace('\n', ' ') in the highlight variable to convert all line breaks to spaces.

  • 2. Indentation didn't work properly for some reason

Insight: Issue was that any individual loop (if statements etc) around content that should be indented seemed to strip the indentation upon output, so I just straight up removed it.

  • Solution:

Here's the actual code I use:

{% for highlight in highlights %}
- {{highlight.content | replace('\n', ' ')}} #rw
  - Notes:: {{highlight.note}}
  - Keywords:: {% for tag in highlight.tags %}{{tag}}{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

In Tana, I have a supertag called #rw with fields Notes and Keywords. I organize sources differently in Tana so I did not need to export things like title and other metadata. So this only picks up the highlights, notes and keywords.

Thank you for posting.

Work Being Done on Images

I am very curious as to what sort of wonders Tana is working on:

Link Your Thinking Conference Videos

The videos from the Linking Your Thinking Conference 2023 have been posted by Nick Milo and are available here.

A significant amount of content was covered in 15+ sessions over a few days, so there is something for everyone. Be sure to click here to check it out.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again next week.