Tana Weekly 2023-05-06: Tana Announcements, Android Updates, Community Ideas, Tasks, Tana Tour, AI Prompts and many more

A look at the latest Tana news, updates and thoughts during the past week. Tana Weekly. Tana Weekly 2023-05-06: Tana Announcements, Android Updates, Community Ideas, Tasks, Tana Tour, AI Prompts and many more

Tana Weekly 2023-05-06: Tana Announcements, Android Updates, Community Ideas, Tasks, Tana Tour, AI Prompts and many more

Hi Everyone, so here we have it. Another week has gone by just as quickly as the last one. It is becomming a question of where on earth the time is going.

Whilst you may have been distracted by the smallish event in the UK of King Charles' coronation, there has been a log of work at Tana with many updates and new workflow posts.

Whilst I try to keep this blog as informative as possible, I am more than happy to receive any feedback and suggestions on improving or tweaking it. My door is always open. You can hit me up on Twitter or post a comment here.

Anyway, less chitchat and more action, so here we go:

Tana Announcements

  • Tana Navigators - Tana Navigators are our most active and helpful community members. Our Navigators program celebrates their expertise, generosity and curiosity for learning and exploring Tana with others in the community.
  • Tana Reddit Mod - Calling all potential Tana Reddit moderators. We love our community here in Slack, but we also know there are excellent Tana communities elsewhere, and we are keen to support them however we can to make them succeed. One is the Tana subreddit set up by Winston. If you are interested in helping as a mod, please post a note here. We will give free lifetime Tana access for long-term active mods! And of course, stickers! When we can focus on that instead of [REDACTED], and [REDACTED].
  • 10k Slack members - A great achievement by the Tana team to reach and surpass 10k Slack members (currently, it is at 10,574 and growing every day).


This past week Tana released the following:


  • Of course, the Tana iOS mobile app was released
  • Work on both [    REDACTED     ] and [    REDACTED    ] continues at pace! Limited user testing started on the former!
  • We also have a fi[        REDACTED         ]nks in the works.

Brage being very helpful again :)

Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Audio from Tana Capture app is playable
  • The 'View as' commands (like View as table) now has 'Show as' synonym (-> 'Show as table')
  • Inbox in the sidebar is more visible
  • Some symbols are also stripped from the global search now, so 'Llama' search will find '↯Llama' node
  • You can now search for a single Chinese character in the global search. It will also work for alphabetic/syllabic scripts (like Latin "abc"), but there it will do an exact word match. For Chinese, Symbols, Emojis, etc it will check if any word starts with this single character.
  • The search node operators LT (less than) and GT (greater than) now accepts relative dates.
  • Better description of search queries FOR RELATIVE DATE ...
  • The command line won't show you commands you probably didn't mean anymore just because it matches in some random characters
  • Browser support has been trimmed a bit, now need Firefox 102+, Chrome 109+, Safari 15.6+ or a browser compatible with what those browsers support.
  • Lots and lots of AI improvements, including more insert options, the ability to get API token (add2node) from Inbox node and many more.

For the post in all its glory, click here. 

Tana Weekly

Want to Try Tana?

As a reminder, although there is a waitlist, you can obtain quicker access to Tana by visiting the Tana Slack Community and introducing yourself.

This is not a drill, be sure to do the above to try Tana out. Just be warned, you might not want to go back.

Tana Mobile

The talk of the town this week was the release of the Tana iOS mobile app. Although the app only currently focuses on the capture aspect of knowledge management, there has been a significant amount of praise and positivity surrounding the app.

The only negative aspect of it seems to be from fellow Android users. The devs had to start from somewhere and iOS was chosen, but do not despair, we have not been left behind and forgotten about.

Tarjei Vassbotn (CEO of Tana) posts a reassuring message here)

Let me first just say I understand the frustration. I’ve worked many years on Android at Google and have used Android most of my life, so I feel the frustration too. We’re not doing it this way because we don’t care about Android. But just like every other SW company, we are limited in resources and have to make priorities on which steps come first.

Having a mobile app has been a long-standing top feature request for Tana. But we wanted to build something great.

Since we have in-house iOS developers and our iOS-user base is many times higher than Android, it made sense for us to release iOS first, then Android.

The app is built using React Native to support both platforms, but it uses many native features that require special development and proper testing. As you know, Android isn’t just Android - there are thousands of device types and many versions of the OS as well as UIs in addition to stock Android which makes this more complex than iOS.

So, the TL;DR is: An Android version of our capture app is on our roadmap, but we can’t say exactly when it will happen since we don’t want to release something that isn’t great.

Tana Feature Requests / Community Ideas

I was unaware until recently that there is a place for you to post ideas and feature requests for the Tana team to consider (outside of Slack).

The Community Ideas is "The place to submit, explore, and discuss ideas for Tana."  There is already a decent amount of content there, so be sure to check it out to vote on your favourite ideas or post your ideas.

Ev Chapman and Fis Fraga Discuss Mobile

In the first episode of the relaunched 'Tana Tours!' Ev chatted with Fis Fraga about his Tana Capture Mobile Workflow. For his trips to the beach, he replaced taking notes in his notebook and instead uses the Tana Capture mobile app.

He also talks through using voice to take notes in Tana Capture in Portuguese and has it translated into English back in Tana. Be sure to check it out.

Spaced repetition (SRS) in Tana

The mighty Stian knocks up a quick idea on a possible spaced repetition system within Tana. A sign of things to come?

After being so against SRS for some reason, I am definitely looking forward to this as I currently use Anki, but it would be nice to have notes and cards all in one place.  SRS certainly changed the way I learn new things in my life.

Tana vs Obsidian?

Nicola, who has "been using Tana for just a week, Obsidian for two years.

I fell in love with Obsidian and the whole concept of PKM. It was brand new to me back then and absolutely lit a fire beneath me. I burned the midnight oil many nights, setting up my Vault.

And now … I’m falling for Tana! One week in with Tana, how do they compare?"

Check out what she thinks here:

Which Is The Best? Tana or Obsidian?
I’ve been using Tana for just a week, Obsidian for two years.

My take is that I do not see the tools as being mutually exclusive. They are sufficiently different to enable you to use them together. For example, use Tana to keep your daily journal and outline ideas for a blog post. You can then take the outline and use that in Obsidian (or another tool) to generate the long-form article.

Insight into how the Tana team uses Tana

A post from Stian gave us a little insight into how the team uses Tana together: "In Tana Inc, we use a standup tag to note down what we’re working on each day. We have a button on the top of the daily page (part of #day template) to generate a new standup. Click it, and one pops up with the right time and person.

The command is pretty simple to set up. It simply clones a blank node with the given tag. The date and user is set by clicking “Auto-initialize to current date” etc.

Note that to get this to work, after creating the empty node, you need to go in and manually delete the entire fields (not just the values, but the entire fields) you want auto-initialized, otherwise they won’t be auto-initialized correctly."

Recurring Tasks using AI

R.J. Nestor shares his new AI-Powered approach to Recurring Tasks in Tana. For those using his old method, this is a significant upgrade. This will be included (with templates) in the Tana for Tasks 2 which will be launched during the week of May 21.

Here's the video explaining the AI-Powered Recurring Tasks!

Extract information from YouTube

Bas shows us that we can easily obtain YouTube metadata directly in our Tana with a few commands in his YouTube summarizer.

Be sure to keep an eye on his Twitter for the template that you can install directly into your Tana to obtain very easy video metadata and summaries.

Tana Jam

Andrew and Theo took part in a Tana Jam, where they walked through a few examples and showed us a few capabilities with Tana AI.

Tana AI Prompts?

TanaAcademy shares some very good prompts that can be used within Tana in a very easy-to-follow and straightforward guide, with images for ease. Check it out here.

Zotero to Tana

Whilst I (and many others it seems) hope that Zotero integration in Tana will happen, you can use the following in the meantime.  

GitHub - joshjhall/zotero-to-tana-exporter: Export bibliographic information from Zotero to the Tana paste format.
Export bibliographic information from Zotero to the Tana paste format. - GitHub - joshjhall/zotero-to-tana-exporter: Export bibliographic information from Zotero to the Tana paste format.

This is a simple script to export the bibliographic metadata from Zotero into a Tana paste format, which can then be pasted directly into your Tana graph. I've tried to build it such that even a non-programmer can make many small tweaks to the resulting format to fit their specific needs. The base export as stored in this repository, is principally based upon Tanarian Brain and the work of CortexFutura.

One quick warning... there is an upper limit to the number of characters Tana Paste can handle in a single paste event. It's quite a large number, and I usually only add one or two entries at a time to Tana. So, you probably won't run into any problems. However, if you have dozens or hundreds of items you want to add to Tana, you should work in batches of a handful at a time. I doubt you'll have any issues pasting 5-10 entries at a time, but 50-100+ entries is likely to overwhelm what Tana can process in one go.

Daily Page

After spending about 10 days or so in Tana, I have cooked up a daily page template that I am happy with. It is not too overwhelming, but at the same time, I can also capture the important things that are going on in my life on that day.  

The On this Day prompt was my first nibble with Tana AI, and I love it already. I need to work on my prompt verbiage, but I will get there. Very excited to dig deeper.

What I will also try and incorporate is a personal "On this Day" so that it will show me all my personal journal entries I have on that particular day. More coming soon.

To Provoke some Thought

This week, we have a great article from Not Entirely Boring about how they felt about note-taking apps and the anxiety of swapping. Summed up perfectly with:

"I was giving this some thought. I came to realise that there is a fear, or should I say, a lack of confidence, in my own system. I’m often so concerned, what if it’s not efficient enough? Am I making sure it’s ‘future proof’? Do I like the aesthetic? Are the plugins enough for my needs? But what if my needs change? Oh that looks nice. Oh a new app, let’s start again.

It’s exhausting."

I am in an Abusive Relationship with Note Taking Apps
Obsidian. Roam. Loqseq. Bear. OneNote. Drafts. I’ve tried them all and frankly, I feel like I’m caught in a tornado of indecision.

Well worth the read.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again next week.