Tana Mobile (iOS) App Released

Tana Capture - the ultimate companion to help us never lose a thought while on the move. Looking to streamline ideas, photos, meetings or tasks, Tana Capture is the perfect solution.

Tana Mobile (iOS) App Released

Hi Everyone, so what a week we are having. First off, Tana AI was released, and then, out of the blue (or not so much), Tana went and released a mobile app (iOS only at this point).

Fellow ANDROID users fear not. The Tana Team has already  stated, "We are launching our iOS app first, and Android is coming."

There is, unfortunately, no indication of when the Tana Android app is coming, but given the speed at which things are going, it would not surprise me if this was with us before we knew it. So with that bit of bad news out of the way, let's look at what is in the Tana Mobile App.

The official announcement can be found here.

What is it called, and what is its purpose?

The app is called Tana Capture and is being billed as the ultimate companion to help us never lose a thought. Whether we are a professional, entrepreneurs, students, or simply someone looking to streamline their ideas, photos, meetings or tasks, Tana Capture is the perfect solution to achieve this.

It should be noted that Tana Capture currently focuses on the first step of the mobile experience journey. It allows users to record thoughts on the go and store these in their knowledge base for later triage and processing.

There are a lot more features and improvements to come.

So what can the app do?

  1. Seamless Text Capturing - Jot down ideas, notes, or tasks on the go with Tana Capture's intuitive and user-friendly interface. Stay organized and never miss a vital piece of information again.
  2. Talk and transcribe - Record voice memos, interviews, or meetings quickly and effortlessly. Tana Capture ensures that you can recall spoken information with the tap of a button.
  3. Share to Tana - Share media and links super-fast from all over the web.
  4. Snap and Send - Take pictures or record videos and instantly send them to your inbox in your workspace. Document your progress or capture inspirational moments right at your fingertips.
  5. Scan with Precision - Transform any physical document, business card, or receipt into a digital format with Tana Capture's powerful text-scanning capabilities. Eliminate paper clutter and efficiently store all your documents in one secure location.
  6. Lock Screen Widgets and Quick Action. Seems to be iOS speak, but suspect it means you can do stuff whilst your phone is locked.

The above is a great list and fits the bill of capturing ideas and notes on the go. Whilst all features look impressive, what I am really intrigued and interested in is the Talk and Transcribe function.

This will potentially make taking notes in meetings a breeze. Yes, you could already use a Dictaphone or another recording app, but now everything will be stored in your knowledgebase that you can process as needed, or use Tana AI to obtain the key takeaway and other outputs from the meeting. No more need to faff around with export, copy / paste, format etc. On top of this app, the scan with precision function should scan handwritten notes and convert them into text in your Tana workspace. Post-meeting notes  - no need to wait for days, here they are!

Another thing that caught my eye is "Eliminate paper clutter and efficiently store all your documents in one secure location.". A fellow user spotted this too, and it seems to mean "Secure location - storage that is not using a public link accessible by all (if they get the URL)." This is being worked on.

So what does it look like?

Here are a few sample images:

Unfortunately, I am an Android user, but if you want to see Tana Mobile (iOS) in action, then there is no better place to check than @Ev's video:

Also check out Lukas's video:

So what next?

If you are a lucky iOS user, just head off to the app store and download the app. If you are an Android user, sit tight for a little longer - Any updates will be published as and when available.

Thanks for reading